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This past Saturday it was 45 degrees and I was more than ecstatic about the “good” weather. This outfit was definitely inspired by Clueless and Ariana Grande–it’s like if Ariana Grande was in Clueless, she would wear this outfit.

I’m wearing one of my favorite sweaters. It’s so soft and it makes me feel like a real cat. I think it’s a fun way to add texture and movement to an outfit that would otherwise be fairly dressy. I’m a big fan of this skirt because I think the floral works well with the black. Most of the time I actually don’t like floral on black because I’m not a fan of the way some of the colors contrast with the black. I also really like that this skirt isn’t a circle skirt. It’s just a “regular” old mini skirt. Trust me, I love a good circle skirt, but I can appreciate a well-fitted skirt.

I went with thigh high socks to complete the whole 90’s girl, Clueless look. I wore the socks with a pair of (very short) black pumps. Wearing all black definitely elongates my legs (and I really like wearing black). I wanted to keep the jewelry simple since it is a more romantic look, so I just wore my watch and the two rings I wear everyday.

Before we took these pictures I was eating chips (Garlic Parmasean, yum) in the car so my breath was a little smelly. To remedy this, I chewed gum like any normal person would.. and you can totally see it in some of my pictures. Oh well, live and learn. As always, it was still a ton of fun.

xo, Lizzi

Sweater: Similar//Skirt: Similar//Shoes: Similar//Watch: Michael Kors


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11 Responses to Violets are Blue

  1. cMw says:

    Love this! The lips are a nice touch too!

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  2. sonamnaidu says:

    Very cute outfit! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. quirkyteal says:

    Hello! I’ve nominated you for the “Sisterhood Of The World” Blogger Award (:


  4. I love the lipstick you’re wearing, which brand is it?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Love your style! Such a great blog. Following 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. You’re sooooo gorgeous. Really love your hair and your style.
    I miss my long hair.. hahaha.
    Anyway, nice to meet you!

    Liked by 1 person

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