Sun’s out, Bun’s out



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Hello and happy February! Before I went to work, I went to this super cute tea salon with a couple of friends. Yesterday there was another relatively warm day here in Columbus, so I put away my heavy coat for a day and opted for my favorite camo jacket (I could probably put this jacket over anything and it would be my favorite outfit). I wore a super fuzzy, super soft sweater from Free People. I feel like the sweater and jacket contrast well and give me the perfect balance of girly grunge–I also sort of feel like Cadet Kelly circa 2002, but I’m okay with that. For jeans, I’m wearing my current pair of go-to jeans. You know how you see jeans with holes in them that cost more than regular jeans, so you say to yourself “I can do that myself..” Well that’s what I did! I got a pair of $10 jeans from H&M that I cut a hole in the knee and suddenly they’re about 500 x’s better than before. By now, I’m sure you’re tired of seeing these shoes on my blog, but what can I say, I love them too much.

Thanks for stopping by, ♥ Lizzi


Jacket: Thrifted//Sweater: Similar//Boots: H&M//Sunglasses: RayBan


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8 Responses to Sun’s out, Bun’s out

  1. rachelhbd says:

    You have gorgeous hair!


  2. Great outfit. I love finding gems like your camo piece at thrift stores too. I thrift like every other week, haha.


  3. sonamnaidu says:

    Perfect casual outfit! I’m in love with your jacket .. its amazing and what’s even more amazing is that it was thrifted.



  4. M(e)IA says:

    I love this whole outfit and especially the camo jacket over the textured sweater!


  5. STELLA★ says:

    i love your jacket!! wanna get one as well!! xx


  6. The Natural Mystic says:

    Love this look! Excellent for fall.


  7. stefieamsrud says:

    Army Jacket..
    You’ll never go wrong with this one 😀
    Loveeeee ’em!! and you’re looking gorgeous as usual ❤


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